Red River Catfishing Guide Service

Catfishing season: May 9th 2020 - Oct 31 2020

The Red River of the north between Lockport and Selkirk, Manitoba offers the biggest channel catfish and greatest catfishing on the planet. A day on the water with expert catfish fishing guide Donovan Pearase of Blackwater Cats Outfitter will be a trip to remember!
On this catfish mecca the cats are both powerful and plentiful averaging 20 lbs thoroughly testing the fishing skills of catfish anglers.

Monster Catfish caught in Lockport with Blackwater Cats fishing guide service
Whether you need a Lockport catfish guide or Selkirk catfishing guide Donovan knows the Red River intimately and the goal is a fun trip full of big catfish, good laughs and great company. 

One battle with the bottom dwelling catfish fury of the Red River will leave you wanting more! if your arms can handle it!
Kids screaming with excitment catching fish
Catfish walleye guide pictures

- BWC  Guide Kevin Howard & partner Doug Chambers
   Champions !!! 1st Place
- BWC Guides Donovan Pearase & Brett Wiess 2nd Place
- BWC  Guide James Patterson and Partner Kris Carrier 3th Place
- BWC  Guides Ken Welsh and Partner Kelly Vincent 5th place

Red River CatFishing Guide Service

Winnipeg | Lockport | Selkirk Manitoba

Guided family fishing trips in Lockport Selkirk and Winnpeg ManitobaBoth half day and full day guided trips are available, morning, afternoon and evening, with catfishing available in Lockport, Selkirk and Winnipeg. All bait, gas and equipment included. All our guests are responsible for is their Manitoba sport fishing license, and food and drinks for the boat (no Alcohol permitted).

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Red River Catfish Guide Guarantee

Blackwater Cats Outfitter fishing guide service Catfish boat catfish guide boatknows the Red River and it's channel catfish intimately with tens of thousands of fishing hours on the Red River over the past 20+ years. From seasonal catfish movements and bait selections to specialized techniques and presentations you'll be hard pressed to find anyone with more hours logged chasing our Red River monster catfish as a Red River catfish guide.  As an added bonus Donovan is partnered with many of the fishing industries leading and most  innovative companies. Guests of Blackwater Cats get introduced some of the finest fishing equipment on the market during their professionally guided catfishing trip of a lifetime!

Once you step into Donovan's customized 2017 Kingfisher Falcon 2025 charter boat you know your in for a great time and great fishing.

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Selkirk Catfish Guide Selkirk catfishing guide
Red River catfish guide Red River Fishing Guide
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channel catfish with catfish guide Donovan Pearase
Monster channel catfish with Blackwater Cats Outfitter expert catfish guide Young angler with a giant Red
River Channel catfish